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Thank you for taking a step out of your norm to receive the help that you need. I am grateful that you want me to help you! Now that you are in my care, I am going to challenge, motivate, and change your mindset of mathematics. Whether you love it or loathe it, I guarantee that at the end, you will come to appreciate all that we will accomplish together. Again, thank you for selecting Mathematics4U and remember: Positive thinking…it excels you to a higher level of learning! 

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Mathematics4U Tutorial Services LLC is all about helping you understand math on all levels, in your very own way. We offer tutoring and specialized learning programs to make sure your math mindset improves. We also offer life development plans for those in need of life transformations. Here at Mathematics4U, we are changing mindsets ONE problem at a time! 

Here at Mathematics4U

Changing mindsets ONE problem at a time!

 Excelling to a Higher Level of Learning

 Rebuilding and Restoring Our Community, ONE Brick at a Time! 


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Note: The 2, 3, and 4 hour packages can be used on multiple days. You do NOT have to do them in one sitting! Thank you!